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Posting a new forum article

All registered members can create new content on any community they wish. Their visibility is influenced by how well the content is structured or how viral it can go by receiving votes from other members.

To post an article you can click from any page on the button "Submit new content".

Article types

There are 2 types of articles that can be posted on Gameiki communities:
  • Text Article. This articles are comprised of a title and content which is hosted on Gameiki servers in text format or HTML.
  • Link Article. This type of articles are comprised of a title and a link to an external or internal resource (article, image, video, etc)

Article Options

File 741da5473af1d9d00540c7d86c038ff9.png

By default, the option where to post is prepopulated with the forum from where you clicked "Submit new content". You can delete and either type it yourself and selecting from suggestions you receive or by clicking on the list of forum communities you are following.

Users can filter community feeds by categories, make sure to choose the correct category for your new article. The category list will be populated with the community categories after you selected the forum where to post. Each community can have their own categories and name them how they want them.

Note: in the screenshot attached you can see that there are options to add and remove categories. This options are available only to the community administrators.

This feature is available only for articles that are of type "text", "link" articles will take the image from the link it references automatically.
This features helps your article stand out by having a thumbnail attached to it.

File 67877cb592e724257a84410563203b71.png

This functionality is only available to community administrators.
This will allow administrators to feature an article with a slide image on top of their feed.

File a14ff5c59cad20d7a1e35064ca4cca3a.png

Editor Toolbar

Gameiki editor takes in HTML, although, you don't have to know HTML in order to make new articles because you have an easy to use editor with all the basic functionality.

File 390ae2c172753c0e31216b8227896fe0.png

The options offered are:
  • Heading. Set your text heading by selecting the text you want formatted and click on the desired heading. Normal text is for .. well, normal text. The rest are different text sizes used for titles and to help you categorize your content. Heading 1 has the biggest font size and going smaller from there.
  • Bold. Bold is used to mark important keywords in your articles
  • Italic. Use it when you quote something, works great in combination with Indent button.
  • Underline.
  • Small. Make selected text smaller.
  • Unordered List. Create a bullet point list
  • Ordered List. Create a list where each line is numbered, starting from 1.
  • Outdent. Moves selected text to the left
  • Indent. Moves selected text to the right
  • Edit HTML. This is for advanced users who know HTML, they can edit their article generated code or add new one.
  • Insert Link. Select text you want linked, click Insert Link and type the link you want.
  • Insert Image. Insert in your article images hosted from imgur or any other source you like.


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