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How the following system works

A Gameiki user can follow communities or other users. Following a user or a community will populate your feed (Gameiki Frontpage) with their content immediately after it was posted.

Following a user/community doesn't automatically mean that you will get their content on your feed, depending on the sorting option you had set. Default sorting option is "Top 24 hours" which will sort all the feed content by the number of votes it had received in the past 24 hours.

How to follow

You can follow a user by going to their profile ( and click Follow. Once you followed a user, the follow button is replaced with a minus button (-) which if you press it will unfollow the user.


A community can be followed from any page as long as you are on that community. Clicking in the header section on the "Follow" button will follow the community and add all it's forum content to your feed.

When on your feed or the feed of a community you will see a widget called "Games" in the right sidebar that will promote communities that you haven't yet followed or ignored yet. The list is sorted by the number of content it generated in the last month.

If you don't want to see a game in that list anymore, just hit the button "Ignore" next to it and it will disappear from the list. If later you want to add it back or follow it, you can go in the Games list to do so.


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