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Gameiki version 2.5 released! Feedback is welcome

by CGeorges in Gameiki Help / Change log

Hey again,

Version 2.5 had been released which bring the following new features and fixes:

  • We refactored how our role system works (Administrators, Moderators, Members) to give us better flexibility and bring new features. The first feature that we did in the new system is a list of administrators and moderators on each community displayed on the forum right sidebar.
  • Links to wiki articles that don't exist are now detected and highlighted in red color with a missing icon.
  • Users that used a valid email when signing up now they are able to retrieve their lost password
  • Share button support to allow website owners add a Gameiki button that will enable their users to share content on Gameiki. An article on how to use it will be published soon in Help wiki.
That's it for now!
If you find any bugs, please let us know! Feedback is appreciated!


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